Key Personnel



Gino L. Parlanti, P.E.

Mr. Gino Parlanti is the President and Contract Executive of MEGA Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C. (MEGA). He has over thirty five (35) years (29 years with the City of New York) of design, management and oversight experience involving infrastructure projects of all types. Currently as President of MEGA, Mr. Parlanti's responsibilities include the management and supervision of staff in the preparation and implementation of the company's on-going projects; interfacing and coordinating with clients and other interested parties to identify and resolve issues, and monitoring work progress to ensure the highest level of engineering performance and professionalism.


Victoria Songsong, P.LS.

Director/Project Manager

Engineer/Licensed Surveyor

Ms. Songsong is a Certified Survey Technician – level III (CST) with over fifteen (15) years of civil engineering and surveying experience. She will be responsible for the downloading, analyzing and layering of points using AutoCADD. Review sketches, drawings, plans, specs and other data related to the project. Monitor progress to ensure conformance to engineering plans, specs and safety standards. She has extensive drafting skills with C&G, AutoCAD (LLD) and Softdesk Design Software. Ms. Songsong joins the crew in conducting various boundary and topographic surveys to ensure accuracy when executing 2-D/3-D AutoCad drawings. She is detail-oriented, deadline-driven and makes certain that project drawings are accurate and submitted on time.

Napthali Songsong
Party Chief / Certified Survey Technician-I

Mr. Songsong as a Party Chief, is responsible for traversing and leveling for the purpose of establishing permanent horizontal and vertical control monuments; topographic surveys for road improvements; locating existing R.O.W. and cross sections, drainage and sewer stake-out, calculate and stake out curbs and easements, calculation of stake data for curbs and building foundations, calculation of “Cut Sheets” for contractors. Also, Mr. Songsong is responsible for detailed structural surveys, topographic surveys, hydrographic surveys and photogrametric control surveys, boundary and site development surveys, construction layout instituting full electronic total station surveying capabilities including electronic data collectors.



Jose Antonio Panganiban

Engineer II, Resident Engineer

Mr. Panganiban has over sixteen (16) years experience in civil works (i.e. design, supervision and construction), mainly in highway engineering, wastewater and water distribution system, concrete structures, bridges, etc. both in the Philippines and abroad particularly in Qatar, Saudi Arabia where he was the Project Manager in the Construction of Doha West Sewage Treatment Works/Tertiary Treatment Plant in Doha, Qatar. In the Philippines, he worked as the Project Manager/Engineer of the following projects: U. S. Embassy Chancery Building Renovation Project; U.S. Embassy Housing Security Improvement Project; Clark Air Base NCO Housing Project; Malacanang Firing Range Project; Far East Bank Escolta Branch Project; Philippine airlines In Flight Center Project; Construction of Subic International Airport Terminal funded by the World Bank and management of various road projects under contract with the Department of Public Works and Highways. Representative projects at MEGA Engineering include: Bleecker Street Station, Metro North Harlem – Harlem Lines, Harlem River North WTP.

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